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Making a booking

It is always better to shop around before you make a booking. Often passengers are better off when they check the prices through comparison site than individual travel providers.

However some airlines and travel agents do not appear to be on comparison sites. Therefore as a passenger you should be aware of it as well.


Sometimes you will save significunt amount if you can be flexible with your dates.

Most of the airlines are surcharging for weekends. Therefore its worthy to avoid if you can.

Re confirm your details

Before you make the payment make sure that your dates, flight, name is correct. Specially double check your name is match with your passport as name changes are not allowed by most of the airlines.

Even though airlines alow you to make any changes after ticket is confirmed, you may have to pay a panelty.

Payments made by cards

According to CAA, its advisable to make the payment via credit cards.

”Some airlines may charge more to accept payment on a credit card, but using a credit card when flights cost more than £100 each does give you some important protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. If things go wrong and if the airline is at fault, the credit card company shares legal responsibility with the airline. This means the consumer also has a claim against the credit card company for any losses. It should also mean you can claim for airline failure against the credit card company. You can refer disputes to the Financial Ombudsman if the credit card company disputes your claim.”

Passport/Travel Documents

Make sure that you have a valid Passport/Travel Document before you travel.

Some countries require minimum of 6 months of validity of your passport when you enter to the foreign country.

Further details can be found at Goventment of UK website.


Visa Requirements

Check whether you need visa before you travel. UK passport holders can get visa on arrival to most of the countries. However better you check before you travel

How early should I go to the Airport

Usually you should arrive to the airport in good time. As you have to go through the security and check in proceedure, you are required to show up to the check in counters in time.

According to Heathrow Airport website, you should show up 3 hours prior to the departure if you travel long haul and 2 hours prior for short hauld flights.



You should be aware of the baggage allowance as it may differ from airline to airline.

Please check with your airline or travel provider to check your allowance.

What am I allowed to carry

It is advisable to check with your airline what you can carry or not. Often you are not allowed to carry certain items with you. Example; Liquid, flamable items.



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